Three days in!

Well friends and fam, I am three days into my Greek adventure and down with a chest cold/jet lag. I am by no means incapacitated but having a good number of staff today, my scheduler took pity on this poor soul and gave a day of rest. Hopefully this bonus of sleep will do my body good enough that I can hit the ground running again tomorrow. I am not a fan of running on low.

How's Camp? I have loved my first experiences here though at times they can be intense. You learn quick and Euro Relief is staffed by an incredible army of voluteers, many of them are young and few fairly inexperienced but you would never guess it for a moment when you are on the ground. Countless times I have asked the question to the "veteran" staff, "how long have you been here?" only to be shocked by the answer... "Oh about 2 weeks" WOW Seriously! Anyone who quips a negative about todays generation of young people needs to come check these kids out. Seriously, I am so incredibly impressed with how well they work. They are an organized well oiled machine. The majority of the volunteers are YWAMers on their DTS and are lead by a determined staff of regulars. It has been honouring as a new comer/outsider to see how they come together to accomplish the tasks they face. 

My time so far has been spent working at a security gate which can be intense at times (I get upset when someone stands between me and my ability to go to bed too, so I get it) but it as also been super rewarding as when you work the gate you get to interact with pretty much every person who lives on that level. It has been a great reminder of our ability to set the spiritual atmosphere through internal prayer and external love poured out on these guys. 

Through this I have also had the privilege to meet and seriously converse with a few of the residents. Too often in North America we hear the word refugee and it conjurs up images of war and terrorism and all of those connected fears, which is alarmingly sad as by definition these people are the complete opposite. They were made refugee by fleeing war/terror. They are just men/women/children caught in the middle of a war none of them supports and none of them want any part of. They have given up everything just for the opportunity of peace. And I can with all honesty say as well, you would not choose to live thier life unless you were given no other option. 

The issues faced in Syria and the rest of the middle east are so incredibly complicated, but I was able to find a video that helps describe what is happening give it a look and you will soon understand how unbelievably complex this situation is. 

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