I have arrived!

Well folks after 24ish hours of flights and layovers I have arrived at my final destination in the town of Mytilene an absolutely beautiful little town on the Island of Lesbos. The flights were fairly uneventful, luggage arrived with me which anyone who travels often knows that is a definite praise report!

Already fighting the language barrier haha the people who run the hotel I am staying at are this lovely old greek couple but they don't seem to speak any english. So this could be an adventure in itself. Thankfully the my new friend Elton from Euro Relief was there to help me get set up. All of my interactions with their organization have been top notch thus far.

It was beautiful and sunny when I arrived but after the sun went down it got quite cold. The app on my phone says that it is -2. I am lucky that the place I am staying has some awesome heaters so its not so bad. It does make me feel for the refugees though and I understand now why there has been such a huge call for donations from the UNHCR. Its a really damp cold that sticks to you and would make things very difficult in the ill equipped tent cities. If you are interested to help you can donate through this link. (If you are reading this and know of other places to donate please include them in the comments)

Till Next time!


(photo is my first look at Greece as I flew into the Athens airport)


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