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Nine nines for 2014

Each year I try and set goals for myself for the upcoming year as I started my list this year 9 seemed a bit of a theme so figured I'd just roll with it. 
1. Sell 9 houses - Yes I realize that having sold right around 30 per year the last couple years nine should be quite attainable so let me explain further. Back in 2008 while I was finishing my year in the Master's Commission and deciding what to do next I felt in my heart that I was supposed to go into Real Estate, sell 100 houses and decide from there the direction of my future. I close 2013 at 91 sales so 9 sales remain. 2014 I will complete my 100 and prepare for what ever comes next. Be it in real estate or mission or some sort if hybrid I am excited for whatever changes come my way. 
2. Work 9 months or if you rather take 9-ty days off. As I reach my goal of 100 houses. The one thing I know I need to do is disconnect for a period. I love real estate, I'm good at it and there is an amazing satisfaction that comes wi…