Hey I'm in Africa! Here's an update on what I'm up to!

To anyone who doesn't know, I'm in Africa right now for the next two weeks leading a team of youth from Saskatchewan and Alberta to Capetown, South Africa. I love it here it always so amazing and inspiring!

It's been an interesting trip for sure already. After 45 hours of travel from Eston, SK to Capetown, South Africa with very little sleep. We arrived 8am Sunday morning to a beautiful Capetown sunny day. (Lord please let most of the days we are here be like that one) We immediately went with our hosts Piet and Ilse to the church (Lifechurch) where he is a pastor. We were so warmly greeted it was indeed a blessing, the lead pastor spoke a passionate message of being more than a fan but a follower of Christ. After service we met our host parents for the week and shared a pot luck meal (I love that pot lucks are international) before going to our new residences for some much needed rest. That evening we returned to the church for a video message that was the kick off to the churches cell group study about being "more than a fan"

Monday we were up crack of a very cold dawn and off to speak at a school. Rustoff school to be exact. Those of you who have heard my stories know this particular school holds a huge place in my heart. (see last years blog posts I'm sure I've mentioned it) anyways usually we are allowed to do class room talks and meet with the Christian club but this year we were honored to be given the whole school to speak at assembly. Well over a thousand youth were in attendance to hear Sarah and Adrianna share testimony, hearts were touched and one girl from the school asked to share her testimony as well. It was a powerful session of us and them proclaiming the power of Christs love in our life. After we spent time with some of the students in classrooms chatting and sharing about life, Canada and Jesus. Praying for needs as opportunities arose.

Later we spent time at an all girls school, after performing a short skit and testimonies from Morgan and Shanice, Nicole (my co lead) felt she should share her testimony so we adjusted the schedule and she shared her story with these young ladies several of which were incredibly impacted by what she had to say, tears were shed and she spent the remander of our time there ministering to these girls.

The team then split up by gender to meet some young guys and girls at other all boy or girl schools for some one on one inspirational discipleship before meeting up to go serve at a shelter that is connected to Lifechurch we served super and chatted with the shelters clients, heard stories, and prayed. Christ is truly remarkable.

We closed the day with a great supper, some bible study and prayer and then crashed in our beds for some much needed rest.

Not bad for our first actual day, huh. Lol

Tuesday we were up and at it, cold again but not quite dawn. This time off to tour and meet clients of what turns out to be the most comprehensive rehab center I have ever seen. This place was there to help everyone! It was awe inspiring. Drug addicts, the abused, mentally ill, run aways, none are turned away, all are shown Christ's love. It was beautiful there and the people carried a hope and joy you didn't expect to see from people in rehab.

After we made a trip to the mall for some warmer clothes. This is easily my coldest trip here or maybe my memory just blocks it but it's chilly. We also stopped to get some supplies for some township children we were supposed to meet later. After lunch we returned to the boy girl teams and met in small groups again to just pour out our experiences with some young men and women. I leave this chats more inspired than them even I think. They have great hearts I am so pumped that our team can help inspire them to the next place in their journey.

Unfortunately the rain came so we were unable to work in the township. But the reprieve was well received as we are still fighting the jet lag and in many cases (mine for one) nasty colds. So instead we went to the church saw a video of Piets last mission and just relaxed till supper. After supper Piet did some teaching on Luke 10 and what it means to live a lifestyle of evangelism.

That's up till yesterday. Today has been hectic and will update soon! Please hold us in prayer God is working!


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