WARNING! Vent sesh in progress! (97.1%, .23)

Ok so I was torn on wether to post this, but in the end I decided to because I want to be straight up on the process of getting out of debt and that includes the frustrations and growing pains as I go along. Hopefully you can take something out of my whining :-P

In the short couple of months that I have been focused on getting out of debt I have got to say this is one of the TOUGHEST things I have ever done. Never in my life have I lived on this tight of a budget, somedays there is a place in side of me absolutely screaming "THIS IS KILLING ME!!!" Which I suppose, I realize as I write this is the entire point. I am trying to get rid of the part of me that values feeling rich over true financial stability. 

I am however somewhat shocked at how deeply entrenched this consumption addiction runs though. I walked into Costco the other day because I needed to pick up a  small gift for a Christmas party and walked out with the inexpensive gift I had planned but also the Lord of Rings blue ray boxed set for myself. I mean hey it was on sale. BAH! If this was an isolated incident I would not be so frustrated but I gotta confess I am definitely a repeat offender. It is staggering to me how easily I can overspend, momentarily rationalizing almost any purchase.

These incredible desires to overspend and super consume remind me of the difficulties I faced when I quit drinking and smoking. I realize most people don't equate these addictions but I am seriously beginning to. When I was getting sober it would never fail that I would stop in for a quick drink with the boys after work and leave 6 hours later plastered. This is different though in the fact that when I quit drinking all I had to do was pour out the booze and avoid situations where I would be tempted to drink, while I was in the process of changing my thought patterns. You can't exactly do that with spending money, its hard to go a day or two without buying something, groceries, gas the basics we need to survive all require cash and its so easy once that wallet comes out to empty it. 

When I was quitting booze I had a pastor give me the advice "don't even look down the road, that leads to the path, that reaches the door of temptation" and it was good advice and it worked. Now as I face this new challenge I must do it with temptation at every corner (even more so as its Christmas) This adventure is truly bringing me deeper understanding of perseverance, patience and persistence; and while I realize this post started from a position of frustration, as I close I am actually inspired. While I haven't made great strides in my debt reduction yet what I have done is to not go any deeper into debt. As much as a part of me is frustrated by not being able to live like a rockstar, a bigger part of me is rising up that is proud of the direction that I am headed. 

I tell people all the time, baby steps, guess I should be taking my own advice.

Thanks for listening 

Till next time, Plan to Prosper!

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  1. Buddy this is a gem! God can beat this for you :)
    Logan Rohatyn


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