Farewell Plains Hotel! - PHOTOS

Well friends the Plains is gone.

An icon of Regina history is now a pile of rubble.

Many Reginians have had their lives impacted in some form or another by this place.

When I first started discussing the fact that it was being demolished I was tweeted by a friends Dad, who had the his first date with his now wife many many years ago in the establishment.

For many others, (myself included) there were hazy Wednesday nights at Good Time Charlies singing Karaoke in a packed smokey bar.

This demolition is not necessarily a bad thing though.

In fact, I would call it a good thing.

Too often we hold on too tightly to our past.

We tend to stagnate and do things because thats what we have always done and not because we are inspired to do them and are part of achieving an ultimate goal.

But just like without winter you dont get spring, without destruction you cannot have construction.

We all need to be shaken up from time to time.

Areas of our lives need to be demolished so that they can be rebuilt!

What are the areas of your life that you do just for the sake of doing?

 Do you remember what started you down that path?

 The biggest secret to happiness is to live a life on purpose.

 As we head towards Christmas and a brand new year take a moment and reflect.

Close your eyes, breathe deep and remember the year that what was 2011.

Now ask yourself  "What are the things spiritually, physically, emotionally that have made 2011 an awesome year?"

Then ask: "What do I need spiritually, physically, emotionally to make 2012 better than 2011?"

"Do I need an adventure? Do I need to change a destructive habit?"

"What do I need to break down so it can be built back up?"

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Quite frankly there is nothing stopping you. Matthew 7:7 promises "Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open to you." Each person on this earth was created to live an impactful life. There are no exceptions. Our role is to figure out how. Seek and you will find ;-)

Till next time, Plan to Prosper and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

David Whitrow
Royal Lepage Regina Realty and Trademark Homes

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