What were your New Years resolutions?

Hello hello!

Hope this post finds you well. At the start or the year I posted that I had set certain goals for myself this year and as an act of accountability with just over 100 days left in 2012 I figured I would update how I am doing.

And so here WERE my goals for 2012:

Physical - 160 lbs - ok so I realize I am not what most would consider fat but as I near closer and closer to the 180 mark I realize that I need to pay closer attention to my weight and health in general.  I am getting closer and closer to reaching this goal. As of this morning I was hitting the scales at 164 lbs. As I am nearing this goal I have added a personal goal of recovering my abs in the process. Cant wait to look down and see a flat stomach as opposed to my somewhat round prior shape. I owe a lot of credit for this accomplishment to Zija, a natural health supplement I got involved with a few months ago. Since starting it I have felt great and have a tonne more energy to burn!

Education - 13 books - in 2011 I did 12 so why not push for one more. I strongly believe in growing your mind. I've heard it said that if you read one book on a specific topic per month for 10 years you would be considered an expert in that realm. My long term goals include being recognized as an authority in leadership and finances and so this short term goal will definitely play a part. I am lagging behind somewhat and need to pull up my boot straps a bit. I am currently at 6 books read and have about 3 on the go but I need to take some time and focus on growing my mind more if I am going to achieve the 13 book destination.

Business - 25 houses - As an established Realtor is quite an attainable goal. My sub goal is to have it done by the time I head to Africa in August, so there is a bit of extra pressure. To break this down a bit I would like to be the agent on 10 home buys, 10 home sells and 5 new builds. If you or someone you know would like to be a part of this goal give me a shout dwhitrow@gmail.com. Oh, and as a bit of an FYI for first time buyers the gov is giving up to $1850 back to you on your taxes if you get into the market this year so now is the time! This is another are where I am ahead of target. I have been very blessed by wonderful clients and I need to sell only 3 more places to reach 25, however my 10, 10, and 5 breakdown has been a bit skewed and would definitely like to build a few more houses to finish the year off in that category. (but of course am still ready and willing to help buy or sell resale for you ;-) )

Financial - no unsecured debt - anyone who has followed my blog knows that I am on a crusade to eliminate the debt from my life. This one is more of a vow than a goal there will be no debt in my life beyond my mortgage by the end of 2012. GOAL ACHIEVED! I am super proud of this one in just under a year I have rid myself of over $70,000 worth of unsecured debt and taxes. It was tough and took a whole lot of sacrifice but I made it!

Spiritual - this one I find hard to make specific I could say read the bible or pray x amount but my real goal is to be Christ in peoples lives and not in a religious way but to be recognized as someone who honestly loves people and is an example of His incredible grace. So I guess in the interest of being specific my goal is to draw more people to Christ by my example of His love than I turn away by my example of religion. This is a tough one to make tangible. I have definitely grown in my faith this year. Gained a deeper understanding of Christ's love and grace. Specifically the revelation that Jesus loved me as much 10 years ago when I was living my more deboucherous often insane lifestyle as He does today and will love me the same 10 years from now no matter what I do or where I end up. There is an freedom in that which has been incredible and in some instances overwhelming. I aim to end the year even more focused seeking His will for my life.

I must admit, this being the first year I have ever written out and set specific goals for my life, this has been an absolutely worth while exercise. So I encourage you take some time today and think back to what you wanted to accomplish at the start of the year and if you didnt then, write it all down now. You still have 3 months to achieve what you desired. I love the saying the best time to plant an oak is 10 years ago the next best time is today. Dont let the distractions of life stop you from achieving your BEST life.

Till next time Plan to Prosper!


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