Stadium Critics - Do you really care?

Earlier this week, there were more announcements regarding plans for the new stadium that is to be built here in Regina.

This news has not come with out a touch of controversy. Since the idea of a new stadium initially went public it has had with it its share of very passionate proponents and critics alike.

Truth be told I am fairly neutral in this whole stadium debate. Don't get me wrong I love the Riders as much, often more than the next guy and as a season ticket holder I am super pumped about this new facility. I also believe that it will bring some much needed revitalization to the north central area. But I also don't disagree that we need to be doing more to help those who need it in our community and personally to be honest I really like Taylor Field I will miss it when its gone as it's a major source of nostalgia for me. Also just for the record, lest you have a concern that I don't practise what I preach, I do give a large percentage of my time and cash to non profits and charities and those who know me, know my heart is that no one should live in poverty.

My major beef against those crying out against the stadium is that I don't believe they really care as much about the alternative causes as they say they do. Which for me makes them a bunch of whiners and hypocrites. I HEAR the cry constantly that the money devoted to the stadium should be used to fight poverty in our city but yet I SEE far greater support for the stadium. 

Supposedly the support for the stadium is about 50/50. But my view of the facts does not support that.

You see 10 times this season alone 30,000+ people will gather at $50 a pop (rough average) and spend 4 hours celebrating their cause. This equates to $15,000,000 and 1.2 million man hours. That is what I call SUPPORT. (You can add another 1.2 million man hours for away games too I suppose)

Now by my logic if the stadium critics truly felt that the housing issues are important and that the support is truly 50/50 we should be seeing that same level of support for the non profits and charities in this city that are combating these issues. I mean really consider for a moment what organizations like Habitat Humanity or Souls Harbour or the Food Bank could do with that kind of support. $15,000,000 buys a whole lot of 2x4s and hamburger let me tell you.

Immediately I know there are some of you jumping on the "oh but I have too many bills and  not enough time" band wagon but really thats pure junk. Straight up. There is no shortage of people who are in those stands that if you look at their lives really can't afford to be there both in time and money. But the simple fact is PASSION BREEDS SACRIFICE. If you care enough you will find a way! So seriously you can lie to yourself all you want but please don't lie to me. The simple fact is that if you really cared about these causes you would put your money where your mouth is... literally and then go out and help. 

Take a moment and consider what would happen... stop and visualize what kind of the effect a showing of support from our community in the magnitude of $15,000,000 and 1.2 million man hours set towards eliminating poverty in our community would say to the politicians and decision makers out there. Show real support for the issues we face and I promise they will take notice. They want your vote and to get it they want to care about what you care about and it is a very unfortunate truth (at least from what I see) that in our society people care more about being entertained than they do about helping those who need a lift.

So my response to critics of this project is don't just say you care SHOW ME!

Till next time, Plan to proper!


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