David's Guaranteed Hangover Cure (95.55%, .49m)

The holiday season has come to a close and with all the "Christmas cheer" floating around I am sure a few of you woke up a morning or two a little under the weather. Unfortunately for you there's not a lot of advice from me in that area. What I am here to chat about is the inevitable evil January Credit Card hangover! Christmas spending pushes most of us beyond our means and then with a swipe we cripple our selves with credit card debt. I read an article earlier in the season which read that something like 1/2 of people surveyed hadn't fully paid off their last years Christmas purchases by this year. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that adding new debt to this old debt is creating an incredibly dangerous cycle.


This year do one simple thing to help release yourself from this stress and follow this simple steps:

1. Add up what you spent this year
2. Divide that number by 26 (assuming you get paid every 2 weeks)
3. Every paycheck take that amount and before you do anything else put it in a savings account, envelope, freezer, heck burry it in the back yard if you have to just be sure to set it aside and DO NOT TOUCH IT TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!

and bingo next Christmas no evil credit card bill. And as a bonus when you see something Billy would love and its on sale in August you will have the foresight to pick it up ahead of time ;-)

You can do it!

Till next time, Plan to Prosper!

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