Adventures with Zija! My 32 day trial

Ok so for a while now a friend of mine has been working as a distributor for a company called Zija. Zija sells health products derived from a tree called the moringa grown in countries such as India and Africa and is supposedly one the most useful trees in the world. Now I do realize that it seems that everyone is promoting some nutritional supplement and personally I fully admit that I am skeptical. What I must admit though is my distributor friend looks and apparently feels great, meanwhile over the past year or so I continually feel worse and worse.  Im tired, gaining weight, my excema(skin issue) seems to be worse and in general just been feeling blah and so I figure, what have I got to lose, I'll give it a shot.

So I called up Candice and ordered a months worth of their SmartMix and decided hey why not blog about my experience while I am at it. So here goes:

Day 1 - My Zija SmartMix came yesterday which really wasn't bad for turn around time, my order was sent it on the 28th of December and received my stuff January 3. The stuff is simple enough to use too comes in a little packet that you mix with water and drink first thing in the morning. Which is cool because at least if nothing comes out of this it will get me in the habit of starting my day hydrated. The taste is good and while I am only a few hours into the day, I feel much more motivated and energetic today, though its a gorgeous day out so that could be effecting it too. Time will tell. ----its now 7:30pm and do feel like in general had energy all day long, impressed thus far.

Day 2 - was a good test, I played 2 hockey games, so energy was a factor. Played at lunch and the big thing that I did notice is that my afternoon slump that hits most Thursdays didn't occur. Played again late, the energy level was ok.

Day 3 - today will be a challenge, I didn't get to sleep until quite late last night and so am dragging my butt today. Remembered to take the supplement, but skipped breakfast. Will see if that affects anything... Gotta say I am impressed with my energy level today, despite a lack of sleep and breakfast the morning was super productive. Afternoon was fairly casual so no real test but I did have a hockey game tonight which makes 3 games in 2 days. Normally I would be a zombie at this point, but while my body is absolutely exhausted I feel alert and aware. Consider me impressed.

Day 4 - having a relaxing aka lazy day today so no real tests to the product. What it has done is give me a chance to do a little more research on moringa, Zija and their products. First off I am annoyed by the multilevel marketing "gurus" out there who say great but incredibly fake (not necessarily false) things about just about every MLM based company. Just a tip, they want you to feel great about whatever product you are selling so you will buy their "program". Scuzzy move in my books. RULE 1 only attach your name to things you can stand behind.

I did however find some good info from legit sites such as the World Health Organization. I particularly found this article interesting because it showed that World Vision mixes moringa with a peanut butter mixture to fight malnutrition, impressive. also gave a good list of books that can be picked up for more info. I also found the following video quite interesting:

Day 9 - I must admit after completing my first box of the the Zija Smart Mix I have become a believer in what the Moringa plant has to offer. My current dilemma is the cost, its definitely not cheap, my one month supply cost me $130 after taxes and shipping. That works out to about $4 a day which I suppose in the grand scheme is not super bad, it equates to about the price of a cup of coffee. The major argument for it though is that it at least appears to be working and what price can I really put on feeling better.

Day 24 - So I haven't updated in a while not because I have changed my mind on the product quite the opposite I was a "sold" customer on this product pretty much as soon as I started using it. Now the majority of my deliberation has been how deeply do I want to get involved with this company. I have looked at many multi-level marketing products over the years and have never once actually gone with it. This product on the other hand has me buying in to the opportunities that are presenting it self. For starters there is virtually no presence of this product in Saskatchewan, so a huge market readily available so my business mind is intrigued. But more than that is the opportunity that this product offers to build into the lives of those who produce the plant and those who use the product. When I found out that the US Peace Corp uses it in undeveloped countries as a means to increase nutrition with new mothers and children and to provide economic stimulus to areas I instantly became a fan. All natural product that provides social and economic impact to impoverished areas AND WORKS, one really can't go wrong. And to be honest the skeptic in me keeps trying to find negatives about it but keep turning up nothing. In fact all I keep finding is new reasons to like the product, Zija was founded by a former Dr working overseas who was so taken by the nutritional impact  of the product that he brought it back to North America.

And so I enter into a new adventure, a mini adventure but still an adventure. I have signed up as a distributor of this product and while I don't intend at the moment to make it a primary income source I am definitely looking to share this impressive product with anyone who may be interested in bringing a new level of energy to their life.

Please check it out for your self at

Thanks for listening and till next time, Plan to Prosper!

David Whitrow
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  1. Zija contain the most valuable parts of the Moringa plant, it is good herbal drink for health and provides good results to us.



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