Nine nines for 2014

Each year I try and set goals for myself for the upcoming year as I started my list this year 9 seemed a bit of a theme so figured I'd just roll with it. 

1. Sell 9 houses - Yes I realize that having sold right around 30 per year the last couple years nine should be quite attainable so let me explain further. Back in 2008 while I was finishing my year in the Master's Commission and deciding what to do next I felt in my heart that I was supposed to go into Real Estate, sell 100 houses and decide from there the direction of my future. I close 2013 at 91 sales so 9 sales remain. 2014 I will complete my 100 and prepare for what ever comes next. Be it in real estate or mission or some sort if hybrid I am excited for whatever changes come my way. 

2. Work 9 months or if you rather take 9-ty days off. As I reach my goal of 100 houses. The one thing I know I need to do is disconnect for a period. I love real estate, I'm good at it and there is an amazing satisfaction that comes with helping people get into a home. But it can wear on a person, it's high stress and there is a sense of always being "on". I've learned in the past year how to manage my time in a more healthy manner but I still have a growing desire to turn off the phone, disconnect the Facebook, the twitter, the linked in... You get the picture, and just spend some time away with nothing but my bible, journal, camera and passport preferably on a beach or mountain somewhere. 

3. Visit 9 countries - I'm leading a team of youth to Japan this summer ( if you know any kids interested) and I know I want to visit Costa Rica so that's 2 for sure but I really feel like this year will have a lot of travel in it so if you need a travel buddy give me a call. 

4. Read 9 books - I try to read a book a month but this last year I definitely did not do this. I have heard at least 12 books last year thanks to but I've learned there is something about actually reading the book. Likely do to the fact that I am a very visual learner. 

5. Spend 9 days at the international house of prayer in Kansas City. They do a program called Immersion ( they are 8 days long but we'll call it 9 for travel. ;-)

6. Run the run a half marathon 9 minutes faster. I ran my first 1/2 last summer and it was incredible. The hype, the training, the accomplishment, the exhaustion. It's probably my top accomplishment for 2013. I've found running to be very therapeutic it's one of the few places where I get out of my mind and shut the world out a bit. Last year I ran the QCM in 2:10:10 ( this year I think I can do it under 2 but will set the goal at 2:01:10. 

7. Do 9 things I've never done before. I said a long time ago my bucket list has 2 items and looks like this: 
1. Everything
2. Again
Ok I ripped that off a Pinterest pin but it holds true. I've never really watched it though so this year I'm being deliberate in having new adventures. 

8. Save 9% if my net income. My last year was all about debt reduction and getting back into the black. Having achieved that (minus a recent investment) this year I am setting focus at putting some cash away. You can't work forever and really who wants to. 

9. Give 9 unexpected preferably anonymous gifts. I have been extravagantly blessed. God has been so very good to me. I have friends and family, a roof over my head and food in my belly. But we are blessed to be a blessing and while I consider myself a generous person I know I can do better, we all can. This year at least 9 times I want to give gifts that have significant impact on someone else's life. 

So there you have it! Those are my goals, what are yours? 


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