Street Invaders South Africa 2011 - Part 2

Ok so my apologies for taking so long on this. But WOW was Street Invaders AWESOME this year. The Africa team specifically experienced such an amazing time with God. It was easily the busiest trip we have ever had so I unfortunately had little time to update everyone but here now is the final prortion of our trip. Thank you so much for all your prayers, this trip gets better and better each year.

So I left off Thursday night, Friday was an opportunity for the kids to do some Luke 10 evangelism at the mall and do a little shopping too. In the evening we went to Aion Youth group which is a group we have spent time with on each of our missions and have built an awesome relationship with. It was a powerful worship service and at the end Maranda shared a word the Lord had given her and gave testimony in the end we did an altar call and many of the kids came for prayer, God did awesome work in so many peoples hearts. And Nick in obedience to God prayed powerfully for one young man who was burnt as a child.

Saturday morning we were off on an adventure! Rafting down a river and camping out at a chalet down stream. Normally this is a very casual event, low key and relaxing, a time spent enjoying nature of Africa, in fact in all the time Pike our guide has taken people on this rafting experience no one has ever fallen in the water. Until we came along anyways. To our credit the water was high and a little swifter than usual, but on one fateful turn of the river our (mine and Marandas) raft got swung against the trees along the bank, 2 other boats following close behind suffered the same fate and the impact of all three boats sent the 6 of us into the water. Scared and soaked all 6 of us made it safely back into the rafts, Elise had gotten dumped just prior so in total 7 of us ended up wet that day, we lost some shoes, a sweater and my video camera is pooched, Maranda ended up with a bleeding nose from smacking the tree and Dusty's glasses broke but all in all we were all safe and sound with an awesome story to share. For me I see it as a fabulous sermon illustration you see this is a great example of the difference between feelings and truth. To talk to any of the girls after this encounter you would have thought that they were going to die. That the water was the stuff of white water rafting that you see on TV and that we were all lucky to escape with our lives. Thats feeling and while its legitimate to be scared, the truth is that there was never any real danger we were in the hands of 3 experienced guides, we had 2 lifeguards with us, we were all wearing life jackets and the water wasn't that deep ( I could touch and I'm not that tall) Just like life we often feel certain things but its important to always stand on Gods Truth.

After that bit of excitement we spent the rest of the day relaxing at the chalet, doing some reading, playing cards and just hanging out. Sunday we got up in the morning and checked out the markets, this is always an experience as the kids try their hand at bartering getting "local" prices and not being satisfied with the jacked up tourist prices. Ending the day we went to Hillsong South Africa where besides having an awesome worship session a guy with a prophetic gift shared and prayed over various people in the congregation, some he prayed in general and others he had a specific word for, like Nick who after picking on him for a bit gave a great word of encouragement. 

Monday was a national holiday so we couldn't get back into schools yet so we decided to show off Capetown to the kids. Taking them on a tour of the coast they were absolutely astounded by the beauty of Cape Point. It truly is awe inspiring and testimony of the majesty created by our God.

Tuesday we spent the morning visiting Agape House, this is a heart breaking place, an orphanage for those kids who no one wants, most of the kids are terminal but there is so much hope here, the stories of the miraculous healings and the experience of Gods love through the directors is absolutely beautiful. The afternoon Piet did a teaching on the Redemptive gifts and the kids were quite interested to hear and see how their personalities matched the prophet, teacher, giver, server, ruler, exhorter or mercy giftings.

Wednesday we went back to the creche that we painted last year for another visit. This time stopping by a toy store to load up with gifts for all the kids. We arrived and spent time playing with them, Maddy had a particularly powerful encounter, you see the Preacher at the Hillsong service had prayed in closing that God would put someones name on our heart to share Christ with and the name she got was Mellissa, which confused her because she doesnt know a Mellissa, but while we were at the creche there was a little girl playing near by who she felt she needed to go talk to so barbie in hand she trotted over to say hello and bless the little girl with the doll. As they spoke the little girl said her name was... get this... Mellissa. Very Cool!

Our afternoon was spent in a nearby township, we walked around and prayed for people, giving away soccer balls Jared had gotten donated and inviting any youth we saw to the youth group they hold every Wednesday then headed to Steers for supper. Steers is the Africa version of Burger king but way way better, so delicious!

After supper we returned to the township for youth, we played some games and at then Dusty and Maria gave testimony. It was awesome to see them be real with people and share their hearts. We spent some time in prayer and Piet closed with a message, all in all a great night.

Thursday we got up and did my favorite event of any trip and went for a surf! It was great the water was awesome and we had some fabulous waves. In the afternoon we had some schools planned but they fell through... TIA (this is Africa) unfortunate but it happens, so we took the opportunity to wander the beach one last time keeping Luke 10 in our minds as we went. That evening we had a South African Brai as a going away event, our host parents joined us and we spent the night gathered around a fire singing worship and doing "hotseat" prayer for each member of the ministry team. It was a beautiful way to end the trip.

Friday was time to pack, we did our debriefing and boarded a plan se t for home. Thank you Jesus for this amazing amazing experience!

It doesnt end there.... or at least it doesnt have to. If you are a young adult or you know someone who is who would be interested in giving eight months of their life living a similar experience please contact me as soon as possible as we are currently a Life Force team for the 2011-2012 season and need applications in ASAP! For more information email me or check out online.

Take care and many many blessings on you!



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