South Africa 2011 - Ready to ROCK!!!

Wow! I cant believe how quickly this years trip snuck up on me it seems almost surreal that this time next week I will be back at Eston preparing for another incredible journey to South Africa.

Please continue to pray for us as we go, as always you guys at home praying is a key support in the process of what we are doing in South Africa.

In particular please pray:

1: For our team to minister with power and authority as anointed members of Christs body showing His love and sharing His message of hope in all that we do.
2: that our team would come together to act in unity as one force, and that personalities would be grace filled to live together in close proximity for 3 weeks.
3: That finances would prevail, Right now we have an in country budget of $600 per person and in order to achieve all that Piet has planned opportunities for us is estimated $680 not a huge shortfall and will be able to be worked around but I believe that this trip is meant to be overflowing with what God has for us so please pray that by His grace either costs would go down or funds go up.

I am planing to update during the trip using my blog so please check me out at

Many blessings!



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