My First Blog

So, I have never really blogged before but I think I would like to start. It seems to be the thing to do these days and I am hoping that it will force me to do a better job of writing more regularly. Ideally I hope to write a couple times a week, but will see how that works out.

This blog is intended basically to share my thoughts and life with the world. I read a lot, you might consider me an information junky and have a lot of opinions. Twitter is my friend, I love the plethora of information that comes through it all served in bite sized little servings. I'm not afraid of controversial topics, Jesus and politics are 2 of my favorite things to talk about, though I have become incredibly disenchanted with politics, too much politicking not enough leading.

I am a Realtor and a Missionary. Selling houses is awesome! Helping the world is better! You will likely hear more about both as I blog.

I'm a total noob to this blog thing as well so please if you have any tips please share, your help is always appreciated.

Till next time



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